How To Make High School Diploma Template Word?

High School Diploma Template Word

Do you want to make high school diploma template Word? Fortunately, you’ve landed at the right place!

The students receive diploma certificates on successful completion of high school. On the graduate day, every student eagerly waits for his/her certificate. The schools congratulate the efforts of a student by issuing certificates.

High School Diploma Template Word

In past, the school had to hire designers for making customized templates. Luckily, we have a virtual designer that works for free. We are referring to Microsoft Word.

You can have tons of free templates in MS Word. When it comes to high school graduation, you can find something relevant in the database.

You can scroll through a huge collection of free certificate template to be creative.

Here, we will tell you how to create and print high school diploma template Word.

Create High School Diploma Template Word

Start MS Word

Launch the Microsoft Word. On the left, click on the New Document. The blank Word document will open up.

Choose The Certificate Layout

Next, you have to select the right orientation for the certificate. You have two options of “Portrait” and “Landscape” orientation.

Traditional institutes prefer landscape layout. While modern schools go for portrait design.

You can choose the layout by clicking on “Page Layout” tab on the top of the Window.

Select Page Color

Color is very important when it comes to diploma certificate.

Keep it clean and simple. Try to use black and white color only. Avoid using multiple colors.

On the “Page Layout” tab, you will find an option for “Page color”.

Page Border

After fixing the color, next, you need to add “Page Border”.

You will find the option in “Page Layout” tab. Here, you can have multiple options regarding the design of border. Like, style, shadow, color or custom border, etc.

Insert Word Art

Every official certificate always has distinctive school.

You can add the title of the school in the Word document in a stylish way.

Click on “Word Art” command in the “Insert” tab. Here, you will find the option of word style. The menu will open where you can type the name of school or organization. Once typed, click Ok to add Word Art in the certificate.

Insert School Logo And Seal

To attain official look, you can also insert school logo and seal.

If the logo and seal are in a digital format like .jpeg or .png, that will be great.

In the “Insert” tab, you can have the option to add a picture into the document.

Insert Text

Next, you need to insert fields for name, father’s name and program details, etc.

Format The Certificate

Make sure everything is in the right format. Like the title of school name should have center alignment. The logo is placed on top left or bottom. If you see anything wrong, make the adjustment.

Save & Print

Click on the “File” and choose “Save As”. Select the destination folder and write the name of the file for recognition.

Next, choose the print preview on the print menu to see how certificate has turned out.

Now, you can simply add the details of student and print it out. No extra hassle!

Free High School Diploma Template Word

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High School Diploma Template Word

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