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Are you looking for a guide on making high school diploma template with the seal? Congratulations, we’ve covered you!

Every student gets the prestigious diploma certificate on passing the high school courses. Most of us can’t help showcasing high school certificate to others. Either we will hang it on the wall or place it on the office table, so we can talk about it.

High School Diploma Templates

At one end students work harder to pass the courses. On the other hand, the designers had to create distinctively designed diploma certificate.

Are you given the same task? Then you may find this article helpful. Here, we have shared some tips on making high school diploma template with seal.

Tips On Making High School Diploma Template With Seal


Orientation is an unavoidable parameter of high school certificate. Officially, there are only two layouts for academic certificates; landscape and portrait.

You must choose landscape style for having traditional feel in the design.

For the modern outlook, portrait style works best. But you can choose any of them. As there are no hard and fast rules.

Before using the orientation, you better discuss it with school authority. It is nice to mutually talk about the theme of the template.


The authorities discuss the size of a certificate more than anything. It is difficult to choose between standard and custom size. We have valid reasons for such confusion.

Standard size comes handy when the school needs to print certificate in bulk and hurry. Printing press does not need to make adjustments for prints. The most popular sizes are A4 and letter.

But to avoid duplication of certificates, the school prefer custom size.


School certificate is an official document but it can be beautiful too.

You must add the margin to the template. This will give an aesthetic feel to the certificate. You may add stylish or intricate design, but of course, don’t over do it.


Color is very important. Being a designer, you must resist the temptation of adding colors.

Try to keep most of the area white. Add content in black color. You may use blue or green colors instead of black. The combo of two colors works best.

Multiple colors give the childish outlook to the certificate. So, drop the idea of the color template!


Designers just need to create a template. School authorities always provide the content. You just have to place it nicely.

Most of the time, the content includes a declaration, the name of student, class, passing year, program and signature, etc.


The technology has made our lives easier. Within few clicks, everything gets done.

School authority also provides school’s logo to the designer. You may place it on top or in the center. Either placement looks great.


Just like the logo, you must have received the digital seal. Most schools go for the physical seal to avoid duplication. But it is preferred to go for the digital seal to save time and hassle.

We can avoid the duplication by making the seal intricate. So, no one could recreate it easily.

Free High School Diploma Template With Seal

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